Koni Special Active Damper Rear Pair Fiat Ducato 250/290 (Lmax444mm & Lmin295mm)


Part Number: 8205-1008

Rear Pair Koni Special Active Dampers

Application is for a Fiat Ducato 250/290 (2006 onwards) Includes Van, Box, Bus, Camper Van, Motorhome.
Please note these dampers are for vehicles where the rear damper measurements are as follows:
Max length 444mm and minimum length 295mm

Koni’s Special Active shock absorbers are the next generation of premium shock absorber. Offering superior handling without compromise. Using Koni’s patented Frequency Selective Damping technology, Special active dampers allow for better road control for large vehicles, better cornering and a smother ride over rough terrain. With FSD technology Koni has ended the compromise between comfort and handling for premium shock absorbers.

Brand new and unused with a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty against manufacturing defect

If unsure about the application, please contact us and we can help find the proper fit

Front & Rear dampers are not adjustable, however the FSD allows for tiny self-adjustments whilst driving. The shocks are ideally suited to used with original OE springs or with good quality lowering springs

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